Halls of Heroes

The Iowa Hawkeye and Iowa State Cyclone football teams both play in stadiums named after students who died before the age of 25. Even more remarkably, both stadiums bore other names when first opened. One of the two, Jack Trice Stadium, is the only Division One stadium currently named after an African American.

Halls of Heroes is a documentary film project that examines the incredible lives of these two men, as well as the independent grassroots movements that led to the stadiums’ re-christening.

The documentary team includes Scott Siepker, Brendan Dunphy, Paul David Benedict,  and Christopher Cook (of Brainroot Light and Sound).

Our research began in late 2012, with primary production launching in late 2016. Our original goal was to bring these incredible Iowa stories to national attention. Along the way, however, we’ve uncovered exiting new primary material that will not only make the national story more compelling, but also reshape Iowan’s understanding of these two men and the buildings that have become their namesakes.

The Halls of Heroes project deals with themes of race, legacy, idolatry, character, and our universal need for heroes.

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