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‘Napoleon in Iowa’ – Travel Iowa 2015-2016

“Napoleon in Iowa” was a four-part multi-state television campaign created for Travel Iowa and ZLR Ignition during an accelerated one-month pre-production process for the 2015 vacation season. Our task was to create a memorable campaign that would highlight the state’s unsung qualities while standing apart from the usual tourism commercial. Our answer was to send Napoleon Bonaparte to…

The Life of a Document

Life of a Document – Workiva

Not every product is easy to describe. Sometimes you just need a giant felt costume. When challenged by software startup Workiva to come up with a humorous webvideo to explain their wDesk suite, we came up with a universe in which the pitfalls of version control are acted out in life size. The result was…

A Viking in Elk Horn

The Epic Iowa Road Trip – Travel Iowa

The Epic Iowa Road Trip was a nine-day bus tour across 46 different communities in the state of Iowa. Our task was to create improvised highlight videos of each stop on the trip. The videos were edited on the bus and released from the road. We had a lot of fun on this project and got to…

The Iowa Nice Guy on ESPN

College Football Daily on ESPN

The Iowa Nice Guy on College Football Daily was a twice weekly commentary segment produced in Des Moines by our local team and aired the next day on ESPN’s College Football Daily hosted by Dari Nowkhah. The segment ran for two full seasons (2012-2013) and featured the I.N.G.’s unique take on the goings on in college…

farewell my city

Farewell My City – Northwest Iowa Development Commission

One man’s breakup letter to the city life. This short film was created for Northwest Iowa Development as part of a combination web and television campaign. The assignment was to come up with a short narrative film that would highlight the benefits of their region. The full film received over 17,000 views on Facebook and was also aired…

Do This Better

‘Do This Better’ Music Video – MAIDS

Filmed at the historic Des Moines Building during its recent renovation, this music video highlights a man’s journey through a memory. That is, if you care about the subtext. If you don’t, then just jam out to an awesome track by Des Moines own MAIDS.

DART Screenshot

D.A.R.T. ‘Lives’

This project, one of Iowa Filmmakers first, was created for the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART) for the annual Greater Des Moines Partnership trip to Washington D.C. The film was designed to emphasis the importance of mass transit in the lives of everyday people. It features a mix of candid and staged imagery.

Iowa Nice

Iowa Nice

The project that started it all, Iowa Nice was a short web-film we created during the 2012 Iowa Caucuses as a response to national coverage of our state. It began as a weekend side-project, but by the time it was filmed and edited 48 hours later, we knew we had something potent on our hands. As crazy as…