Brendan Dunphy

Position: Actor. Producer. Entomologist.

About: Brendan is known for his versatility, having careers as an artist and a scientist. As an entomologist at Iowa State University, he manages the Medical Entomology Laboratory, oversees the Iowa Mosquito Surveillance Program, publishes and reviews articles in scholarly journals, and teaches classes. His penchant for serious theater has led to many roles on stage as well as the creation of The Martin McDonagh Project (2009-2012), which earned him the title “The Dark Knight of Theater” (DSM Magazine). In recent years, he has been blending his two lives of entertainment and entomology into popular education. In 2012, he started hosting TV programs on insects for Discovery, with his work being showcased on such networks as Science Channel, Animal Planet, and BBC. He has now made the jump to publishing and is serving as a scientific consultant on Discovery Channel books, including Bugopedia (2015) and others.