Iowa Filmmakers
We're Nice!

The Iowa Filmmakers Team, circa 2015

Iowa Filmmakers was a collaboration between a group of film lovers who came together to boost the filmmaking profile of the state of Iowa during the 2010s. We learned a ton, had a few hits, a few misses, and a lot of fun together. We did a few client projects, but most were just for the heck of it. Those projects are still available to watch on Youtube.

If you enjoyed our work and would like to contact any of us, here's where we are now:

Paul D. H. Benedict
Director, Writer, and Editor
Bellingham, Washington
The Discerning Lens

Scott Siepker
Producer, Actor, and Writer
Des Moines, Iowa

Brendan Dunphy
Producer, Actor, and Filmmaker
Ames, Iowa
brendan.dunphy at gmail

Jon Van Allen
Gaffer, Director of Photography, Camera Operator
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Jon on LinkedIn

With undying thanks to Iowa Filmmakers Jill McMahon, Patrick Gannon, Jordyn Shipley, and so many more.

Thank you all for your support over the years!